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At Acker Millwork Company each of our wood windows and doors are custom manufactured to satisfy the individual needs and tastes of our customers.  We recognize that you have unique opinions and ideas of what you are looking for.  This is why we take the time to evaluate your job and fully understand what you want, and only then provide you with the best possible solution for your unique circumstances.  Our goal is to not only ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your final product, but to also impart a trouble-free experience while working with our company.  From our excellence in materials and superior craftsmanship, to our first-rate customer service and attention to detail, we consistently strive to exceed your expectations and meet your every need.

With the many variations and variable components that make up each of our products, it is not possible for us to have a general price list.  Therefore we begin each of our projects with a brief phone call, detailed email, or an old-fashioned office visit with the customer.  This will give us enough information to provide you with an approximate cost until we are able to physically analyze the work to be done as well as the extent of any damage.  From start to finish, projects can take anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks depending on both the amount of work to be done and whether or not we are installing your product.


If what you are looking for is friendly, helpful service as well as a quality final product that fits your tastes, Acker Millwork Company can help.


Where to begin...

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