Decorative wood millwork is a great way to add the finishing touch to any project.   Acker Millwork Co. specializes in machining premium grade wood species to fit your projects’ specs no matter the size, shape, or level of intricacy.  We can precisely match any architectural drawing, and bring life to your vision. Items such as interior and exterior mouldings can be found in nearly any profile imaginable.  However, big name manufacturers discontinue these same mouldings on a regular basis.  Here at Acker Millwork Co. all you need is a cut off from an existing piece of trim, a drawing or sketch with set measurements, or even a picture and we will duplicate the exact profile you are looking for. From refined simplicity to intricate detail, no project is too challenging.


Available design options:

  • Manufactured in any wood species
  • Any shape, size, or thickness
  • Knife grinding (if we do not have an existing knife to match your profile)
  • Product finishing (Primed and painted or stained and varnished)


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