There are many options available for doors today.  When choosing what will best suit your needs you must consider your price range, personal aesthetic, prevalent weather conditions, and whether or not you want to match your home’s current design elements.  With so many options available, Acker Millwork can manufacture the exact door you are envisioning without the restraints of “standard” sizes, limited finishes, or generic hardware.  We can bring your vision to life!


Available Design Options:

  • Any shape, size or thickness
  • Head Designs include: 1/2 Circle, Peak, Gothic, Elliptical, Segment Arch
  • True divided lite
  • Aluminum wire mesh screen: Black, Charcoal, Brite, Bronze, Copper, Pet screen
  • Simulated divided light
  • Single glazed or Insulating Glass (LowE optional)
  • Pre-hung Interior (or) Exterior Units
  • Product finishing Options: Primed and Painted or Stained and Varnished
  • Custom garage doors are available

Main Entry Exterior Doors

The main entry door of any home establishes a first impression upon guests and neighbors. A custom Acker Millwork wood entry door gives you countless options to define your own image and influence the way your residence is viewed. Whether your focus is on the wood species or the design elements, we can help to create a door that will reflect your unique taste and personality that you will love for years to come.


** Standard Acker entry doors begin at 1-3/4” thick



Storm Door & Screen Doors


A storm door or screen door is the perfect protector for a beautiful entry door. They keep the elements away from your main entry door without disturbing the look of your home. Acker Millwork can match the design elements from your main entry door so that it compliments, not detracts, from the overall look of your home; thus creating one uniform and tasteful entrance.


Combination Doors

Acker Combination Storm & Screen doors provide the elegance and warmth of wood, coupled with the energy and

convenience qualities sought by today’s home owner. Just like the Acker Combo, the combination door inserts are

interchangeable from inside the home, making it easy to stay comfortable all year round. Finish painted or stained &

varnished, an Acker Door on your home or building will enhance its character while still preserving its historic charm.


Combination Door Specs:

 • Manufactured in Clear Northern White Pine or White Oak (other wood species available upon request)

 • Manufactured with mortise and tenon glued joints

 • Screen inserts are made with wire mesh: Charcoal, Black, or Bronze, Pet screen

 • Storm inserts are made with safety glass (one lite and true divided lites are optional)

 • Custom sizes and Odd Shapes are our specialty

 • Standard Acker Combination doors begin at 1-1/16” thick

 • Product finishing (Primed and Painted or Stained and Varnished)


 ** Available with installation by Acker Millwork Co.



The interior of your home is a place where you are able to express yourself completely — it is an extension of who you are.  An interior door acts as an entryway into this defined environment, and they can be designed to better suit your needs and tastes.  From specialty doors such as bi-fold doors, dutch doors, pocket doors, or french doors, Acker Millwork can help you to be as discreet or distinguished as you like.  There is virtually no maintenance, so stain color stays truer, varnish and paint sheen lasts for years, and wood does not swell or warp due to excess moisture or sun damage.  Without the worry of harsh, ever-changing weather conditions wearing away at the finish of your interior door, your design options are endless.


Standard Acker interior doors begin at 1-3/8” thick



Interior Doors


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