There are many options available for windows today.  When choosing what will best suit your needs you must consider your price range, personal aesthetic, prevalent weather conditions, and whether or not you want to match your home’s current design elements.  If you have been told, “that can’t be done” Acker Millwork can help.  We specialize in unconventional units, and take great pride in solving your window quandaries.


Available Design Options:

    • New Units and Sash Replacement

    • Any shape, size or thickness

    • True divided lite

    • Simulated divided lite

    • True bent sash and glass

    • Aluminum wire mesh screen: Black, Charcoal, Brite, Bronze, Copper, Pet screen

    • Available with installation by Acker Millwork Co.


    • Glass Options: Single glazed or Insulating Glass (LowE optional)

    • Product finishing Options: Primed and Painted or Stained and Varnished


    Available Glazing Options:

    Regular - Double strength glass provides strength & durability

    Low E - Blocks 85% of sun's rays, reducing fading of home furnishings

    Insulating - Reduces heat loss by as much as 183% and greatly reduces outside noise


Double Hung Windows






The traditional style double-hung window features an upper and lower window sash that slide vertically past one another creating excellent ventilation for any room in your home.


A double hung window unit from Acker Millwork Co. offers the added benefit of vinyl tilt balances.  They provide you with spring-assisted operation of the window as well as easy access to the exterior of the sash from inside of your home.  With the ability to tilt in the top and bottom sash, all replacement, maintenance, painting, or even cleaning is a breeze.


Casement & Awning






If you have difficulty reaching a window above a cabinet, sink, or even a door, a crank out casement sash or awning is the perfect solution. Because of their unique hardware and hinged side or top, they open smoothly with the turn of a handle just like a door.


With so many hardware options out there today for casement windows, you can create a truly customized look for any room in your home.  Acker can either utilize your existing hardware, or even help you chose something that will pull your whole look together.


Picture & Stationary

A picture or stationary window features a wide span of glass with an uninterrupted view of the outdoors. They are optimal when your natural surroundings have a breathtaking view and your goal is to showcase that from inside of your home.




Storms & Screens

Storm windows are the best solution in protecting existing window units from extreme weather conditions such as the bitter cold, driving rain, high winds, or hail.  The addition of an old fashioned wood storm window will improve the efficiency of most any window, particularly those with true divided lites, leaded glass, or stained glass.


Screens provide natural airflow while still maintaining a clear view of outside scenery. They are typically paired with an operating window such as a double hung or crank out casement to prevent any debris, insects, or small animals from entering your home while the window is open. They can be made to fit nearly any opening, and they are a beautiful option for any window, patio, porch, or gazebo where fresh air is essential.


*All Acker Screens can be made with an aluminum or wood surround depending on the opening or unit you desire.




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